TBSA KidFit Fitness Camp:

A fitness program designed to get kids moving and active. It includes agility and flexibility components. Each child will be challenged to push their individual fitness limits in a fun environment. This program allows kids if all ages and levels to challenge themselves physically and attain personal levels of satisfaction. Each child’s level of fitness is not important. Our goal is for each child to see that getting active can be healthy and fun.

TBSA Individual Instruction:

Our goal at TBSA is for each player to reach their maximum potential. Sessions start with a skill assessment used to create a tailored program to fit each soccer player’s needs. An individual training session is a 1 on 1 environment that gives the player the undivided attention of the coach. It is a more personalized instruction for players that want more of an individual focus. This training can be technical, tactical, fitness and agility, or any combination thereof. The goal is for each player to improve their overall soccer abilities while increasing player confidence and allow them to meet individual goals.

Individual Training | One hour session – $75
6 Session Package (Prepaid) – $375

TBSA Group/Team Tactical and Functional Instruction

This type of instruction is for a group or team environment. The focus is game speed decisions and skill training. This training is recommended to take good players to a higher level. This training helps players make quicker and better decisions during a game and enables them to play quicker.

TBSA Group/Team Technical Instruction

This is technical skill training in a group setting. We highly recommend this session to improve coordination of players in similar positions such as strikers, midfielders, or backs. It is intended to challenge the players by improving their overall skill level, which will improve their overall performance.

Small Group 2-4 players – $50 per player per hour
Prepaid Group Sessions – $40 per player per hour (6 session package)

Technical Soccer Skills
Ball Control | Dribbling | Passing | Shooting | Positioning | Decision Making

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